Monday, August 19, 2013

~It has been redone since I took these and added my larger TV....But you get the idea! A little messy though!

~She is in the Esty shop!~
                                                                       ~My Butler~
                                               ~My trusty Singer That still works wonders~

 ~ In the Etsy shop~
~Yes I do collect others dolls from time to time!~
                                          ~ Yes Needlestix is still my Studio Elf~ More Collections!

                                  ~I started these for my Grand Daughter Saddie....She loves Frogs!
                                             ~ My Make do Clothes line for the Studio!~
                                                    ~My other sewing machine.~


 To the front of the house~

 I love Living dead dolls~ I buy when I can~
~ My husbands Saw doll~ HAHAHA 
and My Jack! We really LOVE HALLOWEEN~~~

                                               ~Yes, yes, My actual shoes and Hat! LOL~
                                                   ~ Spells anyone?~

                                    ~ Oh Messy shot!~

The rest of the collection till I add more! HOOOWAHAHAHAHA!
HUGS and thanks for taking a look around....You can leave a message ya'll!

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