Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What a beautiful day it is right now. I am sipping coffee in the studio, loading one of my favorite movies Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part two, and northern light shining through the window just to the left of me. My plans today are to work more on two bunnies. and two more Witches. I sewed the two Witches up last night and will be stuffing today, all while I work on the bunnies. Once these 4 are done and posted for sale, I'll move on to three more patterns I need to make... It truly is a very nice day indeed...  XX J

Here's one that I finished yesterday~


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Well, well~
Hello August! Once again Im writing to let you know whats been going on.
I have been working on some OOAK (One Of A Kind) dolls and Halloween items. Got many done in a short amount of time too. I have to say its nice to work again...I love the newer ones I been making, and im sure you will too. Here are some that already have homes, and some that are still Available...

Lil Dot The party goer~ $50
OOAK The Wicked lil Posh Witch~ $105
 Pumpkin Man #2~ $30
 Moon man~$85
 Pumpkin Man #1~  $30
 Party Pumpkin Clown~ $95.00 Plus $18 shipping
Paulett The very Posh Witch~ $75
OOAK~Boo Kitty~ $55

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Oh how time flies~

Well its been awhile hasn't it? I have had some bumps in the road. But these days I find myself wanting to create. Maybe it's because Halloween Isn't far away. Or maybe it's because I have another granddaughter Taking some time...well, maybe both. Nevertheless, I am feeling the need to get into making some more collectible dolls.

So who's this other granddaughter you ask? Well her name is Amelia and she is 3 about to turn 4 the end of July on the 31st. 

Isn't she cute? I have been busy with her and not do much but taking care of me. See, I went to college July 8, 2014 to become a Surgical Technologist at Wright Career College in Overland Park Kansas. But had to leave for health reasons. But recently found that the school had went bankrupt. Yes you read that right, bankrupt! So While all my hard work and A's and B's I got are now worthless and not transferable. So while getting my loans forgiven I'm still waiting on I can just be done with it all.
So Below I'll show you some more pic's of what's been going on..
                                                            Resting after health scare..
                                                    My wonderful husband Mike and I
                                                             Amelia seeing Santa 2015

                                                         What I went to school for
                                                  Amelia and momma Hannah 
                                        Me on my Birthday at my favorite Restaurant Cheddars 
 Heading home from school
   Waiting for husband to get done working so I could go home and study
 The day my health came around, but I did My 5 weeks of accelerated A&P II class and Passed No late homework either. 

   Random School Pics

     My Rock, My love of My life next to my sons and Grand children Mike Draper
      Me trying to sculpt in polymer clay....I got bored with it quick...
            I used to work 8 hours a day on polymer dolls...But I just don't have the umph to do it...
                                              Till I remember to post some more~en 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Oh ya! This is Rita Boodro The Louisiana Bayou Witch. She live deep in the Bayou of the southern Gulf bayous and she has be catch'n frogs. She lives off those down there ya know? With her Gigger to strike them and catch them at her side I think she will find enough to feed her brood! I got these pic's of her relaxing in the sun. She is a OOAK and there wont be another of her! She is just a doll!! I loved living in Louisiana years ago and this brings back memories for me. As you can see her duds are all decked out for the day. and being a southern woman she has to match her hat with her shoes. Carrying her dead frog and Gigger she will come to you in time for the Halloween season. Her hair is flax and hand painted details will surely please. She stands around 20 inches tall and has wire in her arms. Her wicked nose and wonderful grunge will set her apart from your other Halloween decor!
She is in the Etsy shop and for sale now! $55 Plus S&H

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

~I have been getting asked...

~I have been getting asked to make more Witches. Well, Im getting around to that. I have a list of collectors that LOVE my witches. And I thank you for being wonderful followers. I have had some high heat situations in the Attic studio. Seems the previous owner didn't insulate the attic well...well, they didn't even insulate the walls before finishing the construction. So, We had to move my stuff down to my spare room for the time being. Temp today 96 degrees. Tomorrow....100! It is August! I guess I should have waited to move my stuff up there. Oh well, at least I still can get some creations done.

With all this in progress I want to has been a wonderful time moving into this home. Even though the water went everywhere in the kitchen when they turned on the utilities. I was here alone trying to help my husband out while he was working that day and under the sink wasn't even connected! I stuck my finger in the pipe to hold back Niagara and then realized.... there was no one to run down stairs to shut the main off. Boy, you can imagine the mess. None the less, I took my finger out of the pipe and tried to run for it!
Just to give you some idea of what the hassle is....The stairs?....They are very narrow. Even the attic ones! So running slows to taking one step at  a time. LOL You should have seen me! It was quit the sight.

Once everything has calmed down and pipes where fixed and new shower head replaced and the hot water heater got a new heating element, we are sort of organized! I still have three chairs to recover and the,"I dont know where to put it pile"... has well,....been depleting by the days..I love my new home. It feels right to be the next caretakers. So I will take the good with the bad to see what life and Winter brings. I hope we dont freeze with these original windows! :)

SoMeThInG WiCkEd   

Monday, August 19, 2013

                      Bat~Tulla SOLD Today!
~It has been redone since I took these and added my larger TV....But you get the idea! A little messy though!

~She is in the Esty shop!~
                                                                       ~My Butler~
                                               ~My trusty Singer That still works wonders~

 ~ In the Etsy shop~
~Yes I do collect others dolls from time to time!~
                                          ~ Yes Needlestix is still my Studio Elf~ More Collections!

                                  ~I started these for my Grand Daughter Saddie....She loves Frogs!
                                             ~ My Make do Clothes line for the Studio!~
                                                    ~My other sewing machine.~


 To the front of the house~

 I love Living dead dolls~ I buy when I can~
~ My husbands Saw doll~ HAHAHA 
and My Jack! We really LOVE HALLOWEEN~~~

                                               ~Yes, yes, My actual shoes and Hat! LOL~
                                                   ~ Spells anyone?~

                                    ~ Oh Messy shot!~

The rest of the collection till I add more! HOOOWAHAHAHAHA!
HUGS and thanks for taking a look around....You can leave a message ya'll!