Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our Winter wonderland This February 26th 2013. I woke up to this wonderful snow that will Kill off allot of those mosquitoes fur sure this summer. I heard, (from the front porch) tree's snapping and cracking. I hope all our power stays on. Lot without it! As for my normal blogging, I have been taking a huge under taking of a New Witch dress for Halloween and my religion of Wicca. I plan on working on that for some time. here is another pic of that dresses pattern.  
It will of course be done in black silk and hand beaded. Tell me what you think?????

Monday, February 18, 2013

~Something wicked in the Etsy shop!

I have been emotionally Ill and have not been in the mood for some time to do art.....BUT, I have been working on restoration of old large Picture frames. We had our Coat of arms done years ago. I wanted to get it finely framed  and matted. So with my hard work I hope it turns out okay. As I sit here right now I can smell the paint in the air. And boy dose it stink. LOL
On the other hand, My husband and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary On February 14th. My life seams to be trying to take a turn for the better...but not sure yet. I hope so though! My husband and I did a red paint hand impression that I'm still working on. And I have to make a new Halloween Witch costume. I also have to learn to grade the pattern so it fits like a leather glove. It's a very pretty wedding dress that will be done in black instead of white. It also is from a by gone era. I am still working on my Old Widowed Frog, and want to badly do BJDs soon. So you can see I am trying to get out of this rut that I have been for several years. I am just trying to take it ONE DAY AT A TIME!

WiCkEdLy YoUr'S,