Friday, August 24, 2012


Yes it's Friday. I have to tell ya I thought it would never come. I am waiting to here weather or not we get to rent a house back in my other home town of Independence, MO. Hopefully we will and I can really get down to work on my art! I have been out of commission for about two years and just have that itch to put my hands back into Clay, and sewing again. I ,as allot of folks had lost our house in foreclosure. It has not been easy and buying a new car too! Anyway I have been brushing up on my sculpting studies and collecting all my needs. I WILL BE BACK TO WORK IN THE STUDIO!! YAY!!!

Wicked Hugs,

Friday, August 10, 2012

Doll's, Doll's, Doll's .....

Doll's? Yes you heard me I am back to working on my dolls and prim's again. I am finding myself itching to get back to work. After all our moving and job switching, and living on a farm in Southern Missouri, I still have no studio but the dinning area will have to work for now. I will be trying to restock me some studio supplies. We had sold EVERYTHING Last October it hurt to sell my stuff...I worked hard to collect all the pretty things for my work. But I am just going to have to slowly re-build it all again. I am really going to be hurt'n when I go to buy the Genesis Paints again. That paint is the bomb, but also pricy. I hope you tell your friends to check out my older works and I will let everyone know when my stuff will be put up for sale on my etsy shop.
Wicked hugs,