Saturday, September 7, 2013

Oh ya! This is Rita Boodro The Louisiana Bayou Witch. She live deep in the Bayou of the southern Gulf bayous and she has be catch'n frogs. She lives off those down there ya know? With her Gigger to strike them and catch them at her side I think she will find enough to feed her brood! I got these pic's of her relaxing in the sun. She is a OOAK and there wont be another of her! She is just a doll!! I loved living in Louisiana years ago and this brings back memories for me. As you can see her duds are all decked out for the day. and being a southern woman she has to match her hat with her shoes. Carrying her dead frog and Gigger she will come to you in time for the Halloween season. Her hair is flax and hand painted details will surely please. She stands around 20 inches tall and has wire in her arms. Her wicked nose and wonderful grunge will set her apart from your other Halloween decor!
She is in the Etsy shop and for sale now! $55 Plus S&H