Thursday, October 18, 2012

Straight up!

Ok, I know! I dont blog allot....But when October rolls around you try to get work done, "Right"? Well, some of you know I have been dealing with Occipital nerve issues. They cause me to have Debilitating headaches for months at a time. So, Getting sick of it I finally got help...Thats good you say? Well....Some of it works. The med's they got me on make me so dizzy and nauseated and my eyes do most of the dizzying work, I cant keep my eyes focused. UGH!!! I am so frustrated. I love to create.Go I do not want to think about it....It makes me sick.
But to tell the truth I want the news spread about my work. Been through some pretty hard times. And trying to get somewhat back on top, so to speak. Well being early in the morn. I thing I better try to get to work on my love.
BIG HUGS and so sorry!
SoMeThInG WiCkEd

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