Thursday, October 11, 2012

Holy spookers

I know, I know, I have been MIA! Well I have been busy trying to get these headaches under control. Having Occipital nerve damage that cause these headaches can take a person out for weeks on end. So, I went to the Dr. to get some help. I hope the new meds work.
On other stuff...I am doing more Primitive Halloween art dolls. I am even doing some lil' mice. They are such cute lil' things. I think you will like them. I have plans to make goth looking cloth dolls and do some more of the sculpting I used to do but, they wont be the pretty Faries that I use to do, "NO", They will be gross dead looking post moretum  dolls or collectables. I feel that I have this need to create things dead. I don't know why It just seems like the thing I am posed to do for now. So keep your eyes pealed for future sculpts. I have been scowering the net of other artist that are inspiring me to take the leap to do spooky, creepy, gross looking art. Being an at home house wife is wonderful for this kind of work. Your time is spent all day trying to come up with ideas and inspiration from those other artist. I have even made my very own Primitive Halloween witch frog that I will be selling on my Etsy shop later. I made it from the inspiration of Soft in the head. I know she dose not sell this pattern but it is so cute that I just made my own from her pic. I don't think that's stealing is it? Well I hope she wont be mad. I didn't copy straight from a pattern cuz she don't have one.
In other news, I have three other ghoulish dolls I will try to have up in the Etsy shop before the end of the month. But you all should know I do Halloween ALL YEAR LONG! So buying handmade for next year is a great way to get those collections for that next Halloween. Please feel free to contact me about anything I love to hear from my fans.


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