Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Well my friends, our well here on the farm went dry...I do have water from my husbands mothers well however. The heat here in Missouri is intense and I can't take it out side for too long. There is Fire bans, no rain, and heat index at 102 degrees. It literally feels like you are walking into a pre-heated oven... that is NO JOKE.
So with my dog's inside and my poor bunnies out I feel very sorry for the animals that have to deal with this kind of heat. I would bring them in but there is no proper cage for indoor use. I am so worried about them.
I hope we get rain. My husband and I are going to try to rent to own a house in town because it's cheap to live in the country, as far as rent! His driving a V8 Dodge 4X4 to work at 3 am Mondays and coming home Fridays to save fuel is hard for me as I tend to NOT like to be alone for long periods of time. And that's why I have animals to enjoy, love and care for, but to keep me busy.  I hope rains come....please rain.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Okay, since I last posted I have been very busy moving to the country ( South Western Missouri). Living on a little less than 100 acres is a huge job. My husband and I moved down here at the request of his mother. It was not fun to say the least. Cleaning up after other people around here is a huge undertaking.
So after falling several times down some stairs and getting thrown from the horse I am taking a well deserved break. I have also acquired 27 chickens mostly fly tiers (male) but when they get butchered for their meat and feathers I will just have 6. Don't worry, I have a hunter on the land here to take care of that mess.  I couldn't do it, let alone even watch. I mean I raised those from little day old babies ya know?  We also have three Holland Lop Bunnies one male and two females. I will be breading one of them this babies will be for sale when they get here.
I also have been doing some knitting, "I know, I know", I do Halloween art right? Well I always wanted to learn and I tought myself this last December 2011. But don't ya'll worry...I am in the mood to create Halloween again. I will be acquiring all the stuff I used to have all over again. Where did it all go you ask? Well, I sold everything with intentions of going to school in Colorado. But that fell through. So here we are. When I get some Halloween items done I will post them up on my Etsy shop.

Wicked Greetings,