Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Okay, since I last posted I have been very busy moving to the country ( South Western Missouri). Living on a little less than 100 acres is a huge job. My husband and I moved down here at the request of his mother. It was not fun to say the least. Cleaning up after other people around here is a huge undertaking.
So after falling several times down some stairs and getting thrown from the horse I am taking a well deserved break. I have also acquired 27 chickens mostly fly tiers (male) but when they get butchered for their meat and feathers I will just have 6. Don't worry, I have a hunter on the land here to take care of that mess.  I couldn't do it, let alone even watch. I mean I raised those from little day old babies ya know?  We also have three Holland Lop Bunnies one male and two females. I will be breading one of them this fall....so babies will be for sale when they get here.
I also have been doing some knitting, "I know, I know", I do Halloween art right? Well I always wanted to learn and I tought myself this last December 2011. But don't ya'll worry...I am in the mood to create Halloween again. I will be acquiring all the stuff I used to have all over again. Where did it all go you ask? Well, I sold everything with intentions of going to school in Colorado. But that fell through. So here we are. When I get some Halloween items done I will post them up on my Etsy shop.

Wicked Greetings,

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